MIRACLE! VA Police Officers Revive Newborn Baby With No Heartbeat

Steve Helber

As the news seems increasingly full of crisis and catastrophe, it’s good to remember that there are still stories of hope and joy. For instance, when two police officers responded to a call, their quick actions revived a lifeless baby and prevented a family from suffering irreparable heartache.


The police department in the city of Alexandria, Virginia (APD), shared the story of Officers Hiltz and Reilly and how they saved an infant’s life. “It's this kind of call, getting to help baby Luis and his family, that makes this job so rewarding and worth it,” Hiltz said after.

Just after midnight, the Alexandria Police Department’s June 10 Facebook post explained that a “frantic call” was made to the 9-1-1 hotline and officers went to the apartment in response. It seems providential that they did, considering what occurred:

A newborn baby was lifeless when an Alexandria woman suddenly gave birth. APD Officers Hiltz and Reilly entered an apartment in the 3800 block of Executive Avenue, rushing to locate the baby. They found a newborn not breathing and without a heartbeat. As first responders, their training immediately kicked in, and without hesitation, Officer Hiltz began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while Officer Reilly managed to keep the family calm. After two rounds of CPR Officer Hiltz located a pulse and the baby began to "fuss", as Officer Hiltz described it. The sound of a newborn baby crying could be heard throughout the home.  


The police department relayed the good news that both the mother and her baby were in good health as of Monday. The baby, “Luis IV”, returned home with his family after only a short stay at the hospital NICU.

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The APD Facebook post stated that the officers saved Baby Luis’s life.  “My entire focus was on making sure baby Luis was going to be okay,” Officer Hiltz said afterwards. “It felt amazing to hear him cry. In that moment all the stress and fear of the situation just left me.” 

Hiltz has been in the APD for over four years. “I’m just lucky to get to go to work and do the job I love. It's this kind of call, getting to help baby Luis and his family, that makes this job so rewarding and worth it,” he said. The officers went back to visit the baby and his family a week afterwards. “You could just feel the excitement and pride of Mom and Dad,” Hiltz reported.

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There is no worse tragedy for parents than to lose a child, and no doubt Luis’s parents are deeply grateful to the officers who made sure they wouldn’t have to suffer such a tragedy. APD ended its post:


Officers Hiltz and Reilly were credited by the EMS Lieutenant on the scene with saving the baby’s life. The emergency room doctor also commended our APD Officers for their outstanding work. Thank you Officers Hiltz and Reilly for your exemplary service.

Despite what our current government might indicate, America is full of good people eager to help others and change lives for the better. As long as that is true, no politician, no matter how corrupt and powerful, can fully crush or destroy this country.



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