Group Claims 8,200 Nigerian Christians Killed in 13 Months

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A group is claiming a horrifyingly high number of Christians killed in Nigeria in just 13 months, as the anti-Christian genocide there rages on. 

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law spoke to The Daily Post in April about the murder and displacement of thousands of Christians in Nigeria, where Islamic jihadis are particularly active. 


“In Nigeria, according to Intersociety’s Special Report of Feb 14, 2024, more than 8,200 defenceless Christians were hacked to death in 13 months of Jan 2023 to Jan 2024 and over 8,000 abducted, out of which 10% or 800 are not capable of returning to their families alive,” the group declared.

Intersociety criticized Christian leadership in its statement, arguing that “Christian leaders are hypocrites and fakers who are no longer true ‘defenders of faith.’” Ultimately, however, the “serious threat of extinction” posed to Christianity in Nigeria comes from “violent and intolerant state actors and non-state actors.” As I noted above, this includes Islamic jihadis, such as the Boko Haram terrorist group. And Christians are not the only victims.

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In fact, according to Intersociety, 4,000 victims were neither Christian nor Muslim. “Nigeria also recorded over 150,000 religious related deaths since the July 2009 Boko Haram uprising, involving killing of at least 100,000 defenceless Christians, 46,000 moderate Muslims,” Intersociety detailed. “Direct killings also accounted for not less than 100,000 deaths and indirect killings, including deaths arising from state actor and non-state custodial torture and shootings or hackings took the remaining 50,000 deaths.”


Not only that but 2,500 Christian schools and 19,000 churches were destroyed or burned between July 2009 and Jan. 2024, the group said. A thousand “traditional” religious sanctuaries and 2,000 religious buildings for the African Instituted Churches or Judaism were likewise wrecked. Yet the Biden administration previously removed Nigeria from the list of countries of particular concern for religious freedom!

Daily Post quoted Intersociety: 

“In the first past four months of 2024 or Jan to April, the number of Christians killed and those abducted has risen to an estimated 800 and 1000 respectively.

“In all these, Benue, Plateau and Southern Kaduna have steadily remained the worst hit since June 2015, to the extent that in the past four years or 2020 to 2023, the three Christian-held States had lost not less than 24,000 defenceless Christians on a yearly average of 2,000 Christian deaths,” Intersociety alleged.

Why are Christian leaders and Western government officials not decrying the horrific slaughter in Nigeria? Where is the international movement seeking justice for the Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims, and others facing such deadly violence? 


There are mass protests in support of jihad-loving Gazans, but scarcely any world leader, religious or political, seems eager to help the persecuted Nigerians. That is a shameful reflection on the warped priorities of leaders and activists who constantly babble about religious tolerance, justice, and oppression while ignoring one of the worst religious persecutions on this planet.


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