Enough Fentanyl Crossing U.S. Border Monthly to Kill All Americans

Twitter/Port Director Michael W. Humphries

The amount of fentanyl crossing the southern U.S. border every month is more than enough to kill every single American. Fortunately, the Biden administration is focused on important things like overseas drag shows and the fake climate crisis.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported the seizure of about 2,100 pounds of illicit fentanyl at the border in June. To put that in context, Epoch Times cited the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to explain that a single kilogram of fentanyl, or 2.2 pounds, can potentially kill a stunning 500,000 people.

Dr. Donna Nelson, an organic chemist and University of Oklahoma professor, told Epoch Times, “I don’t think the public is really aware of what a challenge this is.” She continued, “You have to assume that the border agents are not catching everything that’s coming into our country.” That means there’s likely more than 2,100 pounds of fentanyl that crossed the border in June. Epoch Times noted that the fentanyl crisis is worsening:

In fiscal year 2020, CBP seized an average of 445 pounds of fentanyl per month at the southern border. In fiscal 2021, that amount increased to approximately 882 pounds per month. In fiscal 2022, the average amount of fentanyl seized per month was 1,175 pounds.

The total amount for fiscal year 2023 won’t be available until October, but CBP has already seized more fentanyl in the first nine months than it did for all of 2022, for an average of 2,427 pounds per month.

All in all, there’s been a five-fold monthly increase in fentanyl seized at the border just in the last three years, meaning during the Biden presidency.

As I previously reported for The Rogue Review, based on the most recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) statistics (2021), 292 Americans died of drug overdoses — mostly fentanyl —every day.  That’s absolutely appalling. This is mass murder, and it’s funded by America’s biggest enemy, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to The Federalist, “The cartels that control the border may be responsible for smuggling fentanyl but their operations are sustained by CCP-linked investors.”


Former Trump adviser and intelligence officer Anthony Shaffer said in March, “[I]nstitutions of the United States government, to include the White House, Hunter Biden, [and] Joe Biden, were paid millions of dollars to essentially defer to China. I think that’s why we have such weak responses from the Biden White House, because they’ve been bought. I’m just saying it.” The Biden family, including Joe’s son Hunter, has received millions of dollars from the Chinese. Is that one reason why the Biden administration has an increasing fentanyl crisis on its hands without seeming overly concerned?

The fentanyl crisis is a deadly threat to Americans, facilitated by the Biden border crisis. Major action is needed to address the mass murder of Americans through fentanyl.



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