Thousands of Inadmissible Migrants Enter U.S. Through Biden Program

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Tens of thousands of illegal aliens who are inadmissible to America under U.S. law are reportedly being introduced into our country through a deceptive and pernicious Biden administration program.


The new report concerns a recently introduced application process from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) though the CBP One app. I reported for PJ Media in January that the Biden administration had a new program to “legitimize” tens of thousands of illegal migrants every month so that they can hide the number of illegal alien crossings. Soon after, at the end of January, the New York Times and the DHS celebrated the supposed massive “decline” in illegal migrant crossings. But the border crisis hasn’t actually improved.

Now it seems there’s an even more worrying aspect to CBP One. Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) Todd Bensman explained that section 212(a)(7)(A)(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) restricts some illegal aliens who are apprehended from entering the U.S. Bensman provides an excellent, detailed analysis and explanation at CIS. But the gist is that the Biden administration has figured out an illicit workaround.

Under the Biden administration, up to 360,000 migrants from certain countries can apply through CBP One yearly. And many of them are applying through CBP One precisely because they don’t qualify for entry under the law.

When this scheme was first introduced, appointments were for a time certain, like 10:45 AM on March 30. Apparently, migrants had difficulty complying with that schedule, however, so CBP now allows them to show up instead at any point during a 23-hour timeframe, according to the update.

It’s not the only recent expansion to the scheme. By May, 1,000 CBP One port appointment slots were available daily, but on June 1, the agency expanded that to 1,250 daily appointment slots — all, as noted, during a 23-hour timeframe — so more migrants inadmissible under the INA can now show up at the ports whenever they feel like it on a given day, up to 38,750 per month.

What’s Happening at the Ports? By definition, none of the migrants taking advantage of the CBP One app interview scheme are admissible…For example, CBP’s “Custody and Transfer Statistics FY2023” reveals that CBPOs at the ports issued more than 30,000 Notices to Appear (NTAs) — the documents used to place aliens into removal proceedings — in May. That’s a 32 percent increase in NTAs at the ports compared to April (fewer than 23,000), and more tellingly, a 160 percent increase compared to May 2022, before the scheme was implemented.


Bensman estimated that “more than 99 percent of all inadmissible aliens processed under the CBP One app interview scheme are being allowed into the country.” That’s staggering.

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How many thousands of migrants are being released into our communities who should have been stopped at the border? The Biden administration, as usual, is putting Americans at risk through its woke policies.



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