Science v. Ideology: 36 Climate Models Overestimated Warming in U.S. Corn Belt

Charlie Neibergall

Facts don’t care about your fear-mongering. In an outcome completely foreseeable after 50+ years of failed climate predictions, it seems that a whopping 36 climate models overestimated warming in America’s Corn Belt — by a lot.


Longtime climate truth-teller Steve Milloy tweeted out evidence from Dr. Roy Spencer, Ph.D., a climatologist, author, and former NASA scientist. Spencer and Milloy both shared a chart showing how wildly inaccurate climate models were compared to the actual measured temperature trend from 1973 to 2022.

The above information was posted close to the June 21 five-year anniversary of climate apocalypse prophet Greta Thunberg’s tweet predicting that “climate change will wipe out all of humanity” if the use of fossil fuels wasn’t stopped… within five years. And yet, despite half a century of similar failed predictions, businesses and governments are still making drastic changes based on climate alarmist talking points. At what point do we admit reality?

Dr. Spencer wrote:

The climate models relied upon by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are known to overestimate warming compared to observations. Depending upon the region (global? U.S.?), temperature metric (surface? deep ocean? lower atmosphere?) and time period (last 150 years? last 50 years?) the average model over-estimate of warming can be either large or small.

But nowhere is it more dramatic than in the U.S. Corn Belt during the growing season (June, July, August).

The following plot shows the 50-year area-averaged temperature trend during 1973-2022 for the 12-state corn belt as observed with the official NOAA homogenized surface temperature product (blue bar) versus the same metric from 36 CMIP6 climate models (red bars, SSP245 emissions scenario, output here).


To put it in less technical terms, the climate doom-sayers were wrong. Again. As they always are.

Climate change alarmism has been a convenient fraud for governments to increase their power and control, even while their demands hurt the economy, create power grid crises (as in Texas and California), and seem likely to make people poorer. It’s all about control, not about science. “Science” is just the propaganda cudgel used to shut down any debate.

Dr. Spencer explained why the information he provided is so important. ”This kind of sanity check is needed because efforts to change U.S. energy policy are based upon climate model predictions, which are often wildly out of line with observed history,” he warned. “This is why environmentalists emphasize models (which can show dramatic change) over actual observations (which are usually unremarkable).”

But how will leftists and globalists create their utopia where you “own nothing, have no privacy,” and enjoy it without unscientific climate models?


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