100+ Human Smuggling Attempts Foiled by One Border Patrol Station Alone in January

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced Feb. 22 that a single Border Patrol station in the San Diego, Ca., sector foiled more than a hundred human smuggling attempts — just during the month of January. Fortunately, the media is focused on important topics like whether the majority-black NFL is racist for not having more black coaches.


I reported for PJ Media on Jan. 24 that the Biden administration has a new program to “legitimize” tens of thousands of illegal migrants every month so that they can hide the number of illegal alien crossings. Soon after, at the end of January, the New York Times and the DHS celebrated the supposed massive “decline” in illegal migrant crossings. But the border crisis hasn’t actually improved. One illustration of this is the 700% spike in illegal Chinese migrants at the southern U.S. border since the start of Fiscal Year 2023 (beginning in October 2022). Experts warned that many of these Chinese migrants could even be Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plants. And as I said above, one CBP station alone had to thwart over 100 human smuggling attempts just in January, the same month Democrats were celebrating Biden’s supposedly highly effective border policies.

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San Diego Sector’s Brown Field Border Patrol Station has been dealing with a lot of smuggling of illegals in vehicles, a Feb. 22 press release said. “In one day alone, on Jan. 20, Brown Field Border Patrol agents interdicted a total of 12 vehicles involved in smuggling.” The press release continued:


”Throughout January, agents patrolling these areas interdicted and seized more than 130 vehicles involved in human smuggling and arrested over 150 suspected smugglers.  While this is a significant number of arrests, only a small fraction of these events results in the driver not being compliant when agents attempt to pull them over. Of the more than 130 events, only seven failed to yield to agents … All the interdictions by Brown Field Border Patrol Station in January resulted in the arrest of over 300 smuggled migrants.“

Don’t believe anyone telling you the Biden border crisis is improving. Human smuggling, criminal illegal alien crossings, drug smuggling, and the other serious issues of the border crisis continue to be as terrible as ever.

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