Pete Buttigieg Says Biden Is TOO Successful for Americans to Appreciate

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Transportation Secretary and Chasten’s wife — er, husband — Pete Buttigieg went on NBC’s Meet the Press on Feb. 5 to preview Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. During that appearance, Buttigieg claimed that Joe Biden is just so wildly successful as president that his accomplishments cannot be easily distilled — hence Biden’s low approval ratings. Yes, Mayor Pete actually said Biden is extremely unpopular because he’s too good at his job.


Buttigieg rambled out a justification of the Biden administration allowing an apparent Chinese spy balloon to cross the U.S. before shooting it down over the ocean (where, quite conveniently, no one can pick up tell-tale debris as enlightening evidence). Buttigieg also claimed Biden was bringing jobs back to America and that if the U.S. isn’t in a Cold War with China, it is in a “kind of great power competition” (if that’s the case, someone should tell Biden he ought to show power against the Chinese every once in a while). But Buttigieg’s most dumbfounding claim came during a discussion of Biden’s upcoming State of the Union Address.

Host Chuck Todd gushed, “Look, he’s got a lot of things to tell. Why do you think that it has not penetrated the American public?” Buttigieg immediately had the least probable explanation ready.

“Well, look. These things don’t sell themselves. And it’s one of the reasons I’m really looking forward to that State of the Union address. I will say that there have been so many accomplishments under this administration. It can be difficult to list them in a distilled way,” Buttigieg claimed. If only Biden were less competent, right? Buttigieg compared bumbling Biden to four other presidents to paint Sleepy Joe as a historic achiever in the fields of war, the economy, infrastructure, and health care. “But one of the things that we found is that this is happening simultaneously with some of the toughest circumstances ever,” Buttigieg said.


Chuck Todd agreed, mourning, “Well, that’s the thing. Nothing seems to accrue to his benefit.” So strange, when “this president has exceeded expectations again and again, politically and functionally,” as Buttigieg put it. As you pay exorbitant amounts for gas and rent this month, remember to appreciate poor old Joe. The transportation secretary also had a brilliant defense of Biden’s efforts to cover his classified documents scandal, “Coulda, woulda, shoulda is not the strategic direction or focus of this administration. There’s too much on the line.” Buttigieg slammed “MAGAnomics” while painting Biden as an economic genius. All of us Americans who can’t buy eggs take leave to doubt that.


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