Texas Border Patrol Apprehends 266K Migrants in Two Months

(AP Photo/Matt York)

U.S. Border Patrol agents in five Texas border sectors have apprehended a stunning 266,000-plus illegal migrants just in October and November, the first two months of Fiscal Year 2023. 106,561 of the migrants were arrested in the El Paso sector alone, Breitbart reported.


El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez noted that the number of apprehensions — up 260% from the same time last — is increasing instead of decreasing. Another 50,000 migrants are estimated to have been apprehended in December just in the El Paso sector, meaning that sobering 266,000 number will exceed 300,000 over a three-month period even without numbers from other sectors.

A recent report noted that America’s 2022 population growth was largely driven by immigration, particularly illegal immigration. With the numbers coming out of Texas, it’s no wonder.

El Paso is the busiest border sector in Texas, but other sectors still see plenty of illegal migration. Breitbart said the Del Rio sector saw a 55% increase in apprehensions for October and November this year, with 90,482 migrants apprehended. Numbers are trending up and are predicted to increase for December.

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One of the major problems with illegal migration is that it is difficult to prevent criminals from entering the United States. Border Patrol data for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 showed a 600% spike in illegal “‘special interest migrants’ flagged as potential national security risks,” or 25,627 individuals. And in September, Border Patrol Council VP Art del Cueto said on Steve Bannon’s War Room that the criminal cartels have so much control on the border, even young teen migrants are working for them.


In Fiscal Year 2022, illegal migrant crossings exceeded 2.76 million.  Who knows how many of those millions of migrants have criminal ties? This is especially worrying in context since 185,464 of the Texas migrant apprehensions were single adults, a 44% increase from 2021. There were 61,856 apprehensions from family units and 19,018 unaccompanied minors, Breitbart reported.

There is some good news, though. While El Paso and Del Rio did see an increase in migrants, the Laredo, Rio Grande Valley, and Big Bend sectors saw a downward trend in apprehensions for October and November.

Let’s hope the other Texas border sectors start to see a similar decrease, or Biden’s border crisis could reach extremely disastrous proportions.


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