Illegal Aliens Now Qualify for In-State Arizona Tuition

AP Photo/Morgan Lee

The Biden border crisis disaster continues, but Arizona leftists are excited that their state became the twenty-third to approve in-state tuition for illegal migrants. This is just another measure to help non-citizens breaking our laws instead of helping citizens or immigrants who follow the laws.


Among the numerous other mistakes of the midterm elections, Arizonans voted by a narrow 51.7% margin to allow people to qualify for in-state tuition if they attended an AZ high school for two years and graduated, regardless of immigration status, according to The Daily Caller. Seventy-one percent of voters were against the same proposal in 2006. Thanks to Proposition 308, illegal aliens can access in-state tuition in January 2023. An estimated 3,600 high school students are eligible under the new proposition, Education Forward Arizona said. There are about 273,000 illegal immigrants altogether in Arizona.

Arizona’s out-of-state tuition was $17,234 for the 2021-2022 academic year, while in-state tuition was $4,715. “Proposition 308 is an incredible investment not only for Arizona’s students but Arizona’s workforce,” Chuck Coolidge, executive vice president of marketing and communications at the Maricopa County Community Colleges, enthused. “It’s great step forward for us to help resolve our current serious labor shortage.” How is giving special privileges to illegals rather than legal immigrants or citizens a wonderful solution?


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Republican AZ state Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita agreed that Proposition 308 is no solution. “Giving undocumented students in-state tuition has nothing to do with the realities of what this country faces when it is trying to manage this border and deal with illegal immigration,” Ugenti-Rita said.



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