Pennsylvania County Runs Out of Paper Before Noon on Election Day

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Election Day 2022 is rapidly turning into another 2020 fiasco, with multiple states reporting machine malfunctions and other issues. And a Pennsylvania county reportedly ran out of paper for voting — before noon in majority-GOP precincts.


Pennsylvania has been one of the most talked-about states leading into Election Day 2022, with high-profile races including Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) vs. John Fetterman (D) for Senate and Doug Mastriano (R) vs. Josh Shapiro (D) for governor. The state already defied a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in mid-October and said it will count undated mail-in ballots. Now a Pennsylvania county has managed to run out of ballots before noon.

ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel tweeted:

The paper shortages are seemingly in GOP-heavy districts:


Gabriel isn’t the only Republican angry at Pennsylvania. Former President Donald Trump posted on his TruthSocial platform, “Pennsylvania just announced that it could take days to determine the winner. This is outrageous!”

Is it incompetence or something more deliberate? How does a county run out of paper before noon on Election Day — apparently in Republican-majority precincts? And why can whole European countries tabulate election results in one day but not the state of Pennsylvania?


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