Taking Notes From AOC? Eric Swalwell Caught Maskless in Florida

AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell appears to have taken notes from the AOC playbook of hypocrites, as he was also spotted maskless in Florida on Tuesday. 


Swalwell was caught in photos posted by The Daily Mail sitting in the lobby of the Loews Miami Beach Hotel while speaking with “a Congolese queen.”

“They got me! Maskless, juggling a baby and a coffee while meeting with a Congolese queen. Pulitzer please!” he tweeted in response to the story. 

“Funny they didn’t use this picture in their headline, taking a cup of coffee to my mouth. And thanks @DailyMail for not blurring out Hank’s face. He’s too damn cute!” the congressman added.

Of course, his decision to go maskless while in between coffee sips would not be an issue if the congressman didn’t lead the self-righteous effort to politicize the pandemic. 

Swalwell has repeatedly blamed the public health crisis on Republicans, particularly those who are unvaccinated.

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“We are hurtling toward a Covid blizzard. And you should be pissed we are back at this. But aim your anger entirely at the lies America’s leaders have told to inspire an unvaccinated culture. I’m looking at you @GOPLeader McCarthy,” he tweeted on Dec. 19. 


In August, he called out Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis directly for his opposition to mask mandates for school children. “COVID cases in Arkansas are up 69% over the past 14 days. Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he regrets signing a ban on mask mandates in schools & wants the legislature to reverse it. Florida cases are up 128%. Gov. Ron DeSantis threatens to defund schools that require masks.”

Even if the reasons why the congressman was not wearing a face-covering are debatable, there is still room for criticism. Swalwell seems to have no issue paying a visit to Florida, which he apparently thinks is a giant morgue with beaches. 


“The Congressman was in the Sunshine State to take official meetings and campaign to help Democrats keep the House,” his office told The Daily Mail“He loves Florida and has dozens of family members there. It is lies from unvaccinated Republicans that are prolonging the pandemic.”

His colleague, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was also called out by conservatives for her recent trip to Miami. Notably, a clip circulated of the far-left lawmaker maskless in a crowded bar. 

Democratic lawmakers have rhetorically made the Sunshine State appear as a third-world country and have painted DeSantis as a movie villain because of the state’s less-restrictive coronavirus approach.

Swalwell is merely one instigator in the grand scheme of pandemic politics, but his latest trip should not be forgotten. 




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