Liberals Blame Glenn Youngkin for Winter Traffic Nightmare—as Opposed to Their Actual Dem Governor

Virginia Department of Transportation via AP

As Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia dealt with the traffic jam of the century, which left some drivers stuck on the road for over a day because of heavy snow, liberals on Twitter decided to blame Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin as opposed to the person who is really in charge– Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam.


“Does Virginia’s new Governor Youngkin know people have been stranded on I-95 for 15 hours? With no help in sight?” one user, who later deleted her tweet, asked.

Youngkin is going to be sworn in next Saturday, so this has nothing to do with him. But the tweets somehow go downhill from here.

Sun-Sentinel columnist Fred Grimm was not afraid to mince words in the comments section of investigative journalist Jim DeFede’s tweet about the situation on Tuesday morning.

“Collateral damage between Glenn Youngkin and the wrath of God,” he brutally (and incorrectly) tweeted.

Others also prematurely chimed in about their future governor.


Finally, The Hill columnist Joe Concha reminded people of who would actually be able to give an order to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

“In a related story, Ralph Northam (D) is still Governor of Virginia.”

As of Tuesday night, no one remains stranded on the highway that leads into Washington, D.C., according to the VDOT.

The actual governor did end up speaking about the incident in the morning, which probably left at least some Democrats confused when they turned on their televisions.

“Obviously, VDOT folks have been working through the night,” he said at a news conference, WTOP-FM reported.

“And with the sun up now, that will certainly help us, but we need to get people off the road. We have food, warming shelters in place, and we’re getting to these individuals as fast as we can.”

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Meanwhile, neither President Joe Biden nor Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has commented on the issue, even though it would likely be a good opportunity for them to inappropriately tout their $1.2 billion infrastructure package that was signed into law in November.

The logic behind blaming Youngkin is pure politics, but it serves as a damning sign that hyper-partisans generally have a casual relationship with facts.

They would blame a Republican without hesitation for the inconvenience, despite the fact that Northam has been in office since 2018.

Still, Youngkin should be breathing a sigh of relief that this crisis was not on his hands, as it will undoubtedly leave a stain on Northam’s already tarnished legacy. Nobody was injured by the traffic jam itself, WRC-TV reported, although it’s already being considered a miniature humanitarian crisis with serious concerns about food and heat access.


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