Biden Purges Apolitical Military Advisory Panels, Demands 'Values Align' With His Administration

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In the wake of his self-inflicted defeat and humiliating retreat in Afghanistan, Joe Biden has found a few people he wishes to fire.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whose State Department has bungled everything and left hostages in Afghanistan?


National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who hasn’t done a single thing to enhance America’s national security?

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who approved the plan to abandon Bagram Air Base?

Gen. Mark Milley, the military leader more focused on reading Marx than studying military tactics? The general who violated protocol in the manner in which Bagram was abandoned, and who told Congress under oath that the military didn’t even need that strategic base?


On Wednesday, the Biden administration sent letters to several individuals appointed to military advisory panels by President Donald Trump. These posts are not political. They advise the military academies. The appointments are three-year terms, meaning, if Trump appointed an individual in 2020, they would serve until 2023, at which point Biden could appoint whoever he wants. Past presidents have allowed these advisors to serve out their full terms before replacing them.

Joe Biden campaigned promising to be a moderate who would not see a “red” or “blue” America. That promise has expired and he is ramping up his politicization of the military, one of the most dangerous and destructive moves a president could make.

When asked about this in Wednesday’s White House press briefing, mouthpiece Jen Psaki defended it, declaring that appointees must align with this administration’s “values.”

Values that have left Americans behind enemy lines to become hostages in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan? Values that have opened a terrorist Pandora’s Box and empowered China at America’s and NATO’s expense? Values that forced military units into stand-downs for political indoctrination?


Values that eschewed sound military strategy and got 13 good Americans killed in Kabul?

Most Americans would probably prefer different values.

The Trump appointees who received the demand that they resign by COB Wednesday are not resigning. Kellyanne Conway, who is one of the appointees Biden ordered to resign, suggested Biden take a different action instead.

In this action as in so many others Biden has taken since January, Joe Biden is providing to be exactly who we warned America he is. Joe Biden has never been the moderate deal-maker he and the media claim. He has always been a partisan hack who puts himself and his party above the nation’s interests. He’s also proving to be a man who disdains the United States and seeks to divide it at every turn. There is no reason to demand these resignations. There is every reason to clean house among his national security staff, but that would be an admission of error. Joe Biden is too spiteful and prideful for that.


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