Joe Biden Threatens to Fight Texas Harder Than He Ever Fought the Taliban

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

A raft of new laws took effect in Texas on September 1. Those laws were passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in accordance with the Texas constitution.


One of them concerns abortion. It’s called the Heartbeat Act. The United States Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to that law, allowing the new pro-life legislation to go into effect in Texas.

Joe Biden has announced that he intends to bring the full weight of the federal government against Texas and that law.

Perhaps this is a good thing. Biden warns that the law will cause “unconstitutional chaos.” He does know chaos well, having instigated it on the border, in our economy, and in Aghanistan. He’s a champion of chaos.

Biden is exposing his priorities very clearly — he is a radical leftist. He’ll fight Texas far harder than he fought the Taliban — he armed them with billions of dollars in weapons and gave them a whole country, in which he stranded Americans behind enemy lines.

Biden will fight Texas far harder than he has bothered to fight drug smugglers and human traffickers at the border, which he has thrown wide open and then left undefended even during a deadly pandemic. More fentanyl than ever is flowing across the border and Biden is not fighting it at all.

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Biden will fight Texas far harder than he fought for our energy independence. He surrendered that on his first day in office and had to beg OPEC+ to pump its oil to make our gas prices go down.


Biden will fight Texas far harder than he will fight inflation, which he triggered by spending trillions of dollars we do not have, so he has to print it.

Perhaps this fight is due. We can hear from state Rep. Shelby Slawson, the woman who carried the house Heartbeat Bill in the Texas legislature. Why did she lead this fight as a freshman? We should hear her story.

Perhaps we can hear from state Sen. Donna Campbell, the ER trauma doctor who has championed life during her entire career in the Texas legislature.

Let’s hear from state Sen. Eddie Lucio (D) who voted for it and said it is “one of the most important” bills he’s seen in his 30-year legislative career. He added that he felt privileged to help it pass. Lucio is from Brownsville, in the heart of the very Tejano Rio Grande Valley.

Go ahead, Joe. Makes Texas’ day.


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