VIDEO: Guess What Joe Biden Does When He Gets a Question About Afghanistan

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden visited FEMA headquarters Sunday afternoon as Hurricane Ida bore down on New Orleans and the Louisiana coast. Such visits are customary when natural disaster strikes.


Biden made a few remarks about the monster storm and then told the assembled reporters that he was told not to take questions. But then he said he would take one.

The reporter doesn’t even get to finish her question — which was about Afghanistan — before Biden does what he has become known for doing over the past two weeks.

Not napping in public next to Israel’s PM or checking his watch when he’s not supposed to. He has done both of those in the past few days but that’s not what he did at FEMA Sunday.


Who is telling Biden he isn’t “supposed to” take any questions? Top options include but are not limited to DOCTOR Jill, White House Chief of Staff and Shadow President Ron Klain, and Corn Pop.


Joe Biden has created two indelible images of his presidency thus far. Walking away is the first. He has done that repeatedly over the past few weeks as his administration has melted down, as he did at FEMA Sunday.

That disturbing pause and portfolio hug during his speech after 13 American service members were killed in Kabul because of his Afghanistan fiasco is the other indelible image Biden has created.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

America needs an engaged leader. We don’t have one.


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