Jen Psaki Hasn't Earned the Right to Snark at Anyone

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Once the upper echelon of the Biden administration returned from its extremely poorly timed break while Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, spokeswoman Jen Psaki resumed her duties at the podium in the White House press room. Here’s a typical exchange, in which Fox reporter Peter Doocy asks Psaki specific questions and Psaki offers snark and spin while casting the utter disaster in Afghanistan as a “success.”


Day after day, this is what the media and the American people get from Psaki. Her boss, Joe Biden, must be satisfied with her work. She’s still there obfuscating on his behalf every day. She is still willing to do this disgusting work as well.

The fact is, Psaki hasn’t earned the right to snark at or lecture anyone. She and her boss are spinning arguably the worst foreign policy disaster in American history, gaslighting along the way as they attempt to reframe their ushering in of new killing fields as some kind of latter-day Dunkirk or Berlin Airlift.

Make no mistake: A Khmer Rouge-style murder campaign is starting now and will certainly reach ghastly heights once the last American soldier or Marine leaves that country. It’s coming. Many, many, many innocent people who trusted America will die.

The situation in Afghanistan is of Biden’s making. It’s a disaster, it will be a disaster after Biden’s arbitrary deadline passes, and it will be a national security nightmare for years to come. American prestige may never recover from this. It’s very likely that American troops will have to go back to Afghanistan at some point, only at that time, they will face the prospect of fighting against a terrorist army that will be using American gear against American troops because Biden and his commanders stupidly left it there for them to use. And no one will trust them to finish the job.


Joe Biden has done more to arm terrorists than any previous American or allied president, by far. ISIS is back. Al Qaeda is back. This is not debatable.

There’s no spinning any of that. It’s an epic, world-changing catastrophe for the United States and a massive win for our enemies. The risk to Americans worldwide is greater today than it was when Biden took office.

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Instead of being straight with the American people at any point, Psaki believes her job is to lie to protect one man. There’s certainly a lot of politics built into the job of the presidential mouthpiece, but ultimately we are a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not one man. Psaki demonstrates no evident ability or instinct to serve the American people or the media at all. We are ultimately her boss but she lacks any understanding of that.

For instance, during a presser earlier this week, several reporters asked why there’s such a gulf between the messaging coming from her and Biden and from our G7 allies. The allies have publicly ripped Biden for abandoning them and Afghanistan. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair went as far as to call Biden’s decision “imbecilic.” Blair was the prime minister when the British joined the United States in invading Afghanistan in 2001 to take down al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the first place.


Psaki attempted to belittle him because he’s only the former PM, not the current one, ignoring the fact that the current PM, Boris Johnson, has also castigated Biden, as has former Prime Minister Theresa May. It also ignores the fact that, as Psaki knows, nations often use former leaders to send messages to one another. Blair was clearly engaging in such diplomacy, signaling to the Biden White House just how strong our strongest ally’s displeasure is. Britain is speaking with one united voice in opposition to just about everything Biden is doing and has done. They are angry and may distance themselves from the United States.

Psaki chose to belittle the wartime leader of our oldest ally. It’s graceless behavior unworthy of the United States. But Psaki knows no other way. She has been nothing but a political spinner her entire career, never serving anything or anyone other than her political masters. Thus, she lacks the depth, the experience, the moral character to speak for the United States during this moment of crisis. And she cannot.

Should she step down? Of course. But she’s but one head of an incompetent hydra at the top of this deadly stupid administration.

In a week or so, the United States will definitely abandon Americans in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. It will abandon women who have grown up in the relative freedom of life under NATO’s auspices, who will be murdered in cold blood by the very regime Psaki’s boss is begging not to attack our forces right now. This will happen. Joe Biden will condemn good people to die in a few days. Many of them will be killed with American weapons Biden left behind.


And when that happens, Jen Psaki will stand there at the podium at the White House and attempt to spin it all away. America deserves better.


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