Pelosi Stands by Biden, Makes Excuses for Loss of U.S. Military Gear in Afghanistan

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The United States has no national leader with a sober head in charge of any aspect of our foreign policy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated this in comments she gave to a local TV station.


Pelosi told the interviewers she believes Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan has reduced threats to the United States, and then said, “This is what happens when you withdraw.” She, like Biden, then blamed the Afghan military for not fighting the Taliban. Left unmentioned are reports that Biden cut that military off from intelligence and aircraft maintenance without warning.

Obviously, if the Biden Pentagon had not wasted the military’s time on woke struggle sessions it might have planned to get at least some of that hardware out of Afghanistan. All the available evidence suggests the entire Biden administration had no real plan for evacuating that equipment or the Americans now trapped in Afghanistan. The Biden administration doesn’t even know how many Americans may be trapped there. The numbers range from about 11,000 to as many as 40,000, with just 7,000 troops deployed to help evacuate them.


Such an operation will take weeks, assuming it is successful.

Reaction to Pelosi’s comments has been swift and derisive.

The fact is, as Afghanistan veteran Justin Webb points out, every enemy now knows how to defeat the United States. One enemy, the Taliban, now has untold caches of modern, advanced American weaponry in its arsenal — and a mostly undefended border on the south flank of the U.S. The Taliban has at least tacit allies in Iran, Pakistan, China, and Russia. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has given the old “axis of evil” a new lease on life.

Any notion that Biden’s decision to undercut the Afghan military and abandon that country enhances our national security is insane. The world is a far more dangerous place today thanks to Biden’s and Pelosi’s decisions.


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