[VIDEO] Cop Who Got Fired For TikTok-Trolling LeBron Beats Cancel Culture on Live TV

Image from Rumble video.

Remember Nate Silvester? He got fired from his job as a police officer in Bellevue, Idaho, for making a viral TikTok video mocking LeBron James for his hot take over a police shooting a few weeks back in which a white police officer saved a couple of black girls’ lives by, unfortunately, shooting another black girl who was attacking them with a knife.


Silvester appeared live on Newsmax TV with my friend Chris Salcedo late last week, alongside Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Mark Lamb.

Silvester told Salcedo that he got fired because the leadership in Bellevue is leftist and once they found out he wasn’t, they got rid of him.

But the story doesn’t end there.

During the segment, Sheriff Lamb was grinning as Silvester told his story. Salcedo turned to Sheriff Lamb and asked if he had any reservations serving as a law enforcement officer alongside Silvester. Lamb said absolutely not.

Then he made an announcement.

“I’m not smiling because you got let go, Nate. I’m smiling because that was a classic TikTok video,” Sheriff Lamb said. “And Nate was speaking truth. Too many agencies across this country are afraid of the cancel culture. They’re afraid to let their people speak truth. We respect the First Amendment, even with our employees. All we ask is that they don’t do anything to disparage the badge or anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.”


Lamb said he saw nothing like that in Silvester’s video trolling the NBA star.

“We’re hiring Nate. Come on down,” he said. “We respect police in Arizona, especially in Pinal County, we’re always looking for guys who aren’t afraid to do their jobs.”

Sheriff Lamb offered “kudos” to Silvester along with the job, saying his viral video was “Funnier’n heck.” Which it was.

Congrats to Nate Silvester and to Sheriff Mark Lamb.



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