Leftists Pounce as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs '1836 Project' Law

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed House Bill 2497 into law. That bill, sponsored by state Rep. Tan Parker, codifies educating Texas school kids on what makes Texas Texas. In a video of the signing, Gov. Abbott said “We must never forget why Texas became so exceptional in the first place.”


1836 refers to the year Texas joined widespread rebellions across Mexico against dictator Santa Anna and won its independence. The law would promote the history of Texas from pre-history through the Spanish colonial period, through its years as a state within Mexico, to its revolution and beyond. The Tejano, black, and indigenous contributions to the state’s rich history will be highlighted. Frankly, Texas might have been defeated in the 1836 revolution but for the key contributions of Tejano leaders including Juan Seguin and Lorenzo de Zavala, who was Texas’ first elected vice president when it was a republic.

Newcomers moving to Texas will also receive a pamphlet outlining the history and policies that make Texas what it is, thus putting the “welcome wagon” project that myself, Glenn Reynolds, and others have sought to establish into state law.

Reacting on Twitter, leftists quickly pounced on the law, bashing Texas and all of American history as racist. The leftists appear to be threatened by any acknowledgment that Texas and the United States are in any way positive.


Similar reactions go on and on and on, mostly from anonymous and low-follower Twitter users.

The rise of racist critical race theory teaching in schools has made such a law necessary. CRT and its proponents are the aggressors, and evidence from New York public schools recently unearthed indicates every state needs some version of the Texas law if only to bring some balance to education. Racist critical race theory, backed by woke corporate America, is making its way into thousands of schools in most if not all states.

The left continues losing ground in Texas outside most of the major cities. Fort Worth elected Republican Mattie Parker mayor over the weekend. McAllen, Texas, which is in the deeply Democratic Rio Grande Valley and is itself 85% Hispanic, elected Republican Javier Villalobos mayor. Even liberal Austin has elected Republican Mackenzie Kelly to the city council.


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