Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Weighs In On Dangerous Plano Incident In Which BLM Traps Motorists and Brandishes a Weapon at Them

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Jack Posobiec exposed a recent incident that happened in Plano, Texas, which suggests riot lawlessness may even be spreading into Texas.

In the incident, which occurred last week, BLM marchers illegally blocked a public street, trapping motorists. Such situations have happened across the nation over the past year, often resulting in violence. In the Plano video, one man emerges from his car and yells at the BLM protesters to clear the street. They not only do not clear the street, one of them also brandishes a weapon of some sort at the man. A Plano police officer looks on, does nothing to clear the street, and instead seems to side against the motorist — who is legally in the right.


BLM and antifa protesters have illegally blocked public roads during many protests over the past few months, endangering drivers and themselves. In one incident in Austin, a BLM protester illegally blocking a city street brandished a rifle at a driver as he approached the man’s car. The driver was a soldier and licensed handgun carrier and shot and killed the protester. In an incident in Provo, Utah last year, protesters blocked a street and surrounded a 60-year-old man in his truck. One of the protesters shot the man, wounding him. Several other similar incidents around the country have only ended when drivers continued to drive through the protests, often striking individuals in the crowd that was illegally blocking streets. Oklahoma recently passed a law protecting drivers who find themselves dealing with protesters, who often instigate instant riots, illegally block public streets. Despite media misrepresentations, drivers surrounded by protesters/rioters find themselves facing the probability of violence and the possibility of death. Their car becomes a means of self-defense in such situations.


In the Plano incident, the street is illegally blocked. The BLM activists have no right to block the street, and no right to brandish a weapon at anyone attempting to get by or attempting to persuade them to vacate the public street.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sought clarification with Plano police on what happened and is dissatisfied with what he has learned. He posted this letter on social media Monday.


Attorney General Paxton is right based on the facts currently available and seen in the video. The Plano police handling of the incident and the prosecution of the motorist is outrageous and may spark more violence as citizens believe law and order are eroding, and activists who have a proven history of violence enjoy treatment that favors them over citizens who abide by the law.

America’s cities have already become more violent thanks to Democrats defunding police and leftist prosecutors declining to prosecute even violent rioters. Plano’s actions put Texans on notice that the local police may favor rioters, not law-abiding citizens.




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