The Democratic Party Wishes You a Happy 'Birthing People' Day

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9.

Extremism is strong in Joe Biden’s Democratic Party.

So for Mother’s Day, the Democrats in the House have a gift for all you moms out there. They’ve decided to cancel the term “mother” itself. They’ve replaced that clear term with newspeak terms — “birthing people” and “pregnant person.”


How is that clearer than “mother”?

Ok, you may be thinking, but Pressley is a radical, way out on the left. She is far left. Booker is too, but he wasn’t always. I’m old enough to remember when Cory Booker was a fairly sensible New Jersey pol who’d even entertain a mainstream idea once in a while.

Now he’s participating in canceling motherhood — the week before Mother’s Day.

That strikes me as a significant development in our culture.

Another radical is right there with them.


If nothing else, hopefully you see the total incoherence of these Democrats. In one breath they’re introducing the MOMMIES Act — a clear reference to the m-word — and in the next breath they’re canceling the m-word.

The m-word, by the way, is “mother” and no sane person is about to give up that word to these people. Not now, not ever.

Lest anyone think the language used by these folks isn’t representative of the Democratic Party as a whole, let’s rewind back to the very beginning of this congressional session.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi used one of her very first acts of this Congress to impose a new language standard that specifically disallows gendered terms, including “mother.”

Pressley and Bush are radicals, to be sure, and Booker is a weak-minded follower who goes with the leftward flow rather than a leader.

But it’s Pelosi who banned gender-specific terms. She did that back on January 5, 2021.

Here are the words found in various parts of the code will change:

— The term seamen will be replaced with seafarers.

— Chairman will become chair.

— Terms for familial relationships — such as mother, father, daughter, son, sister and brother — will be swapped with terms such as parent, child and sibling.


Pressley et al. are following Pelosi’s script. They’re mainstream in that deeply radical party that’s openly chipping away at the words that describe families.

Biden’s Democrats claim to be for women, but they’re doing an awful lot to cancel basic biology in ways that cancel women.

Since the Democrats won’t say it, I will — to all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!

Exit question: Should Jennifer Lawrence’s awful 2017 film Mother! get re-titled Birthing Person?


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