Democrats Introduce New Green New Deal Bill Calling Fossil Fuels 'Racist'

Democratic National Convention via AP

The Hill reports that Rep. Always On-Camera (D-New York) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Not An Actual Cherokee) have introduced a new bill that would “invest” $500 billion to “create” “green jobs.”


Use of multiple scare quotes is intentional. Neither the race-hustling professor nor AOC know much about job creation, having never created any meaningful number of non-government jobs.

Government “investing” necessarily entails government taxing, or government just printing more money, which neither the Democrats nor The Hill note. Those green jobs supposedly already exist anyway; why else would John Kerry tell the Keystone XL pipeline workers whose jobs his boss destroyed to go build solar panels?

The so-called green economy also relies extensively on mining and minerals processing, which aren’t very clean processes. In fact, those technologies depend on rare earth minerals, which mostly cannot be mined in the United States due to environmental regulations. They’re mined extensively in China, which doesn’t regulate as heavily, leaving the mining operations dirtier.

Buried in the two leftists’ announcement is this little gem.

“The BUILD GREEN Infrastructure and Jobs Act will make the big federal investments necessary to transform our country’s transportation system, confront the racial and economic inequality embedded in our fossil fuel economy, and achieve the ambitious targets for 100% clean energy in America.”

“…confront the racial and economic inequality embedded in our fossil fuel economy…”


I’m sorry, but that’s insane. It’s so illogical it’s barely possible to critique it, but here’s a try.

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The economy of the United States enables but the opportunity for anyone of any background to reach for and achieve their dreams. That’s not a guarantee, of course. No system guarantees outcomes. Capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty; socialism is the faith of mass murderers. Communism’s dirty little secret is that it creates oligarchy, rule by a very few, everywhere, every time it’s tried. How did communist Fidel Castro die almost a billionaire? Why was Venezuela’s communist strongman Hugo Chavez so rich when he died? It’s all a racket designed to seize power.

Fossil fuels are merely a tool used to do things, for good and ill. To cast them as being “embedded” with racism is on a par with these two politicians claiming to be poached eggs.

Systemic racism was certainly a serious issue, one which was imposed by the Democratic Party wherever it had power. That party divided the nation over the issue of slavery when a Republican — the party that was founded to end slavery — was elected president. President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, re-segregated the federal workforce after Republican President U.S. Grant de-segregated it. Democrats imposed Jim Crow. Democrats even successfully staged a coup against black Republicans, in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898.


What part did fossil fuels play in any of that? They existed at the time, but other than that…?

It’s very difficult to discuss policy like grown adults when one party is dominated by such thinking as that embedded in this expensive, government-centric, disastrous bill. We’ll never even get to the price tag and whether this path or that would be best or worst when one side screams “racism” from the start, thereby shutting down any serious debate.

And that’s among the reasons they embedded racism in this ridiculous bill, of course. They know the numbers don’t actually work.

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