I Used to Care About Corporate America

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We’ve all gone over Disney’s latest sins. In recent times the corporations called for strong women who speak their minds. 

Disney got a strong woman who speaks her mind, but her name is Gina Carano, and the mind she spoke isn’t woke. So Disney, led by a feminist for feminists, fired its strongest woman.

As I noted on a recent episode of my thrilling show, C’Mon Now!, which you really should watch, that’s not even Disney’s worst sin. The Mouse House is now Mao’s House. In the credits of the live-action Mulan, Disney thanked several specific Chinese government entities for their assistance on the film. That’s not so bad, right? It wouldn’t be if those government entities weren’t right now engaged in grotesque practices best described as slavery and concentration camps. 

But they are. They’re oppressing the non-Han Uighur population with rape and torture centers, reeducation camps, forced sterilization, and genocide. 

So that’s really bad. Pre-World War II German industry bad. Disney is fine with it. So are wokes. By the way, have you ever gotten into a discussion about anything with a woke? After they ignore every single fact you offer, after they caustically dismiss data and all logical reasoning, they personally attack you from the safety of their keyboard, then they go after your ability to make a living. Corporate America is empowering that. 

After Disney thanked China’s monsters and decided that it’s cool with China’s concentration camps, it declared that the Muppets are too offensive for children to watch without adult supervision. Disney+ slapped a content advisory on Kermit and Miss Piggy and the rest of those loveable puppets. I wish I was making that up, but we all know I’m not. The wokes just keep winning despite the fact that they’re insane and all they do is destroy. Wokes build nothing except ever more intolerant political movements. Corporate America is empowering that. 

What is wokeness delivering to the American cities it controls? More violent crime, more division, higher taxes, misery and insurrection as public policy. Corporate America doesn’t care that all this hurts its workers and its customers.  

It especially seems not to care that small businesses, mom-and-pop shops, have been crushed by the twin demons of the unnecessary pandemic lockdowns and the violence unleashed in our cities. Corporate America backs groups that unleashed that violence.

I used to love Disney. I used to love Nike. I used to support so many American companies that have unmasked themselves among the “America last” movement.

I also used to love Coke. It’s a great American brand. I stopped drinking it a long time ago because it’s not the healthiest thing you can put in your body, but to each their own. Coke doesn’t agree with “to each their own.” It was recently caught telling its white employees to “try to be less white.”

Coke has now bowed to the woke mobs, who are openly peddling racism, and now believes it’s acceptable to judge people by an immutable characteristic over which they literally have no control. Coke no longer wants to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. That requires different people singing different notes. Coke wants the entire world to sing the same monotone woke song. Coke is forcing its employees to sing that terrible song. 

That’s psychological abuse. Coke now believes you can be too white for Sprite. Pepsi is just as bad, so it’s no alternative. They’re both corporate-American woke zombie factories. 

Over the past half-decade or so, big corporate America has largely abandoned business in favor of the woke. McDonald’s recently joined the fray, imposing hiring quotas on executives, which will force them to consider race negatively and positively in hiring. That’s obviously racial discrimination, but they don’t care. People will keep buying their burgers.

These large corporations are not too big to fail. They’re too big to care. They’re too big to care that most Americans of all backgrounds believe in equality, not “equity,” one of the most egregious exercises in goalpost-moving of the modern world. They’re too big to care that Americans love our country and our history. They’ve outgrown all that. They’re citizens of the world, of which America is a mere province. They’re too big to care that shoving all this wokeness down everyone’s throats just divides and politicizes and toxifies everything. They believe it won’t hurt them because they’re so big we all can’t avoid them. And they may be right. The NFL and NBA believe the same thing, as do the social media giants, Apple, and just about every other large corporation in the country. The big banks are getting in on it too. They don’t care that they’re alienating millions. 

I used to care about corporate America. I used to care that government policies, taxes and what have you, could impact their bottom line and in turn cost jobs. I used to care about their financial health and I advocated policies that I believed were good for them.

But I don’t care anymore. The Dallas Mavericks cancel the National Anthem? I was annoyed but I really don’t care. They do what they want and I’ll do what I want, which is to never ever support that useless team or its egomaniacal owner ever again. I’m under no illusions that this matters to him. But it matters to me. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce gets in bed with the Woke-O-Crats? Fine. But don’t expect me to ever care about what it thinks. The Chamber has always had a questionable attitude toward national security at the border because its pocket patrons want cheap labor expressly because it drives wages for Americans down. Now it’s handed the wokes the weapons to destroy the economy. The Chamber should’ve seen that coming. 

Canada is now tougher on China than the United States because corporate America cannot live without cheap Chinese labor, some of which is actually slave labor. Corporate America is addicted to that labor whether it’s in a camp in China or on a farm in California. It supports the Biden administration, which is either owned or rented by the Chinese Communist Party and which is weaponizing race like no American administration since Woodrow Wilson’s did. The corporate-woke union is a marriage made in hell that poses grave threats to individual freedom. The leftists who long decried corporate America’s lack of morality may have accidentally had a point. 

I don’t mean to paint with a broad brush — though the wokes and their corporate and political allies do every day. I work for a wonderful media company now and I once worked for a major global corporation. I won’t name it because I don’t want to send the woke thought police after them. Working there was a great experience and I learned and accomplished a lot. The company isn’t woke. It’s a great company that just does and makes amazing things. It’s now a rarity in corporate America, prioritizing its customers, innovation, and quality over divisive politics. I hope it can manage to stay that way, but the pressure on them and every other company that hasn’t proactively taken potshots at the country that allowed them to prosper, and chosen to fund extremists who want to tear it all down, must be more intense as each day passes. 

As for the woke corps? If there’s a truck fleet that takes us all to the gulag, it’ll have that ever-present smiley face or some other corporate logo on the side. Corporate America is more ruthlessly efficient than government can ever hope to be, and as some stupid people often say, they’re private companies and can do what they want. Corporations couldn’t be openly divisive and racial until recently, and they couldn’t crush free speech or your right of self-defense until recently, but now they can and do every day because they’re woke.

As long as corporate America is woke and bent on destroying individual rights, it deserves no conservative’s support.


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