After Left-Wingers Unleashed a Violent Crime Wave in the Midst of a Devastating Pandemic, They Want Biden to Take Action Against 'Guns'

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Fast Company carries the fondest wishes and desires of March for Our Lives. They and other left-wing anti-Second Amendment special interest groups want Joe Biden to take executive action against Americans’ natural and civil right of self-defense:

Because of its multifaceted nature, gun reform is a policy area that doesn’t currently have a specific federal agency focused on it. The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), which tracks illegal guns and issues licenses, sits within the Department of Justice. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which traditionally researches the public health effects of gun violence, sits within the Department of Health and Human Services. And research on school safety amid rampant mass shootings is the responsibility of the Department of Education.

Due to this siloing of responsibility, it can be hard for the government to coordinate holistic solutions to the crisis. To solve it, March for Our Lives, the youth-led gun reform advocacy group founded by survivors of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, is recommending that Joe Biden be the first president to appoint a cabinet-level position dedicated to gun violence prevention.

That’s a lot of base-stealing propaganda to pack into two paragraphs and more throughout the story. Just what is “gun reform”? Seems to be a relatively new and deliberately vague term we’re sure to hear a lot about. Its definition will shift with the political needs of the left.

Should there be a cabinet-level position designated to chip away at a civil right that’s been in the Constitution for more than 220 years now? Fast Company just assumes this is a good idea.

George Washington Second Amendment meme.

We’re a 50-50 nation now, trending Republican across many states, but our clear constitutional rights are in jeopardy. If the Democrats win the two Senate runoffs in Georgia, Sen. Chuck Schumer is threatening to “change America.”

It’s no mystery what he has in mind: Pack the courts with leftists, add states to hand what he believes would be permanent majorities in Congress and a Democrat vice grip on the White House, and then rip away your rights of dissent, your right to worship, and your right to defend yourself, among others.

Where Democrats govern, they have already attacked most of these rights.

Other national advocacy groups have echoed the call. Brady: United Against Gun Violence is recommending the same position. “This degree of coordination and resource management cannot be accomplished without the guidance of a designated director,” it says in its action report. Similarly, Everytown for Gun Safety has called for a national gun czar, and Giffords for an interagency task force.

It’s hardly surprising that all these groups want the same thing. They sing from the same JournoList sheet of music. They receive funding from the same sources. They are lavishly-funded special interests, though the Democrats and media never use the term to describe them.

One of the concrete objectives is to increase the CDC budget for research on gun violence from $25 million to $250 million, and to do so early enough in the administration to create ample time to analyze the data and follow with action.

We’re in the midst of a terrible pandemic. The CDC — the “D” stands for “disease,” by the way — has enough to do. It hasn’t done a great job in its core mission.

If Democrats really wanted to curb the violence surging in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Portland, and Seattle — among others — they could do one simple thing: crush the “defund the police” movement in their own ranks. That movement, entirely a creature of the left, is getting people killed.

They could also reject the Soros-funded district attorneys who are effectively legalizing crime everywhere they get elected.

Democrats aren’t doing that.

If Democrats really wanted to deal with school shootings, they could examine the destruction of the family and the real effects of their own “anti-bullying” campaigns.

Democrats aren’t doing that.

Democrats have unleashed the historic crime waves our cities are suffering, and from which the cities may never recover. It took decades to defeat the last crime wave, in the 1990s, which itself took decades to metastasize. Democrats undid all of that progress against crime practically overnight and with no forethought for the predictable consequences.

Now Democrats want to use the current crime wave as an excuse to disarm you and leave you and your family unprotected. It’s unconscionable.

Even in Texas, where Democrat state Rep. Terry Meza has introduced House Bill 196. That bill would weaken Texas’ castle law which provides legal protections for citizens to defend themselves should they face a criminal in their home or on their property. There is no good reason to weaken the castle law, especially as crime soars. Austin led the nation in the rate of increase earlier this year after it defunded its police.

Meza, who was caught trying to make it more difficult for Texans to defend themselves against violent criminals, backtracked right into more trouble.

Being in one’s home minding one’s own business when a criminal threatens your family and everything you’ve worked for shouldn’t be a death-penalty offense either. Meza thinks only of the criminal, not the citizen. The citizen has no idea what the criminal intends, how armed they may be, what drugs they may be on, whether they have accomplices lurking around — anything. The citizen has a life-or-death situation thrust upon him by the criminal, through no fault of his own, and must act — knowing that whatever he does will change his life forever.

Meza has no clue about the realities of crime, and doesn’t care to become educated on the subject. In this, she is in line with the vast majority of her party as it leaps farther left.

With thinking like this influencing the White House, and it is if you see what the anti-2A special interests want and how they’re influencing criminal justice across the country, your vote and the votes of your legislators may not matter, if the anti-Second Amendment lobby gets its way. They want Biden to circumvent the legislative process entirely and take executive action against guns, and force Americans to challenge his orders in court.

Do Democrats and their special interest groups want every city in America to look like Portland?

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