Chicago Teachers Union Tweets Reopening Schools Would be Racist, Sexist, AND Misogynistic - And Then Deletes It! [Updated]

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The Chicago Teacher Union unleashed this pearl on an unsuspecting world Sunday.

Since we knew they would delete it, we preserved it in digital amber.

Chicago Teachers Union really doesn’t want its teachers to have to go back work.

The union offered no explanation, evidence, or any other factual support for its hot take, probably figuring that including the three magic words would just do the trick on their own. But they’re not, and the tweet is being given its due even after the CTU attempted to get rid of it.

Tough to argue with that.

The city has been in a tussle over when to reopen the schools for months. The union is obviously taking the position that “Never” would be a good time, as its viewpoint is based purely on politics, and even according to the people behind the critical race theory money machine, the -isms involved here will never ever go away. Ever. That would kill their golden Marxist goose. So…never reopen the schools, according to the Chicago Teachers Union.


We can no longer imagine such a thing. A Biden administration will only make it all worse.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is a black woman, is now saying the public schools will reopen in January. But that’s in the dead of winter, which won’t help the COVID hospitalization rate. Is Lightfoot racist, sexist, or a misogynist, CTU? Please show your work.

Another fact the CTU might consider but will undoubtedly ignore is the fact that the science demonstrates clearly that schools are not COVID vectors. Even Dr. Fauci has seen the light on that.

The CTU’s take must be based on something else.

We have a winner! And another. Seriously, the CTU tweet earned an epic ratio before they tried scrubbing it from the face of the earth.


For whatever it’s worth, Twitter didn’t slap any kind of “disputed” or “missing context” tag on the CTU’s tweet.

UPDATE: After getting pummeled on Twitter, the CTU attempts a backpedal. No one’s buying it.

“…in the struggle.” They couldn’t even scrub the Marxism out of their climbdown. Perhaps keeping Chicago’s public schools closed until the teachers union is dissolved is the wise way to go.

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