National Virtue-Signaling League: NFL Fines COVID-Negative Coaches $1.05M for Not Wearing Masks Around COVID-Negative Players

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The NFL has turned up its virtue-signaling another notch. It’s fining coaches for not wearing masks on the sidelines during games.


The NFL, players and coaches, are tested very frequently. They can only take part if they test negative for the deadly virus, which, by the way, is mostly deadly in less than 1% of U.S. counties. The rest of us should ask our governors when they intend to abdicate their thrones.

Reaction across Twitter ranges from “Huh?” to “What is wrong with them?” And there are suggestions for other mask miscreants who could kick some cash into the league’s coffers.


The players not only aren’t wearing masks (how could they?), they’re smashing into each other. As a former awful football player, I can testify that tackling — or getting crushed, as was usually my case — puts one within breathing distance of many others.


After hard-knocks contact and lots of heavy breathing, players often go and converse with their coaches.

It’s in the game, as EA Sports famously said for many years.

Coaches can pull their masks down when they’re calling plays — which tends to involve some high-velocity talking and spittle-flinging. That’s also in the game. But they’re supposed to pull the masks back up when they’re not calling plays.

They’re coaches. Football is a highly complex sport, practically military in its play design and execution. Coaches are pretty much always communicating with someone. It’s their job.

So the NFL’s fines make about as much sense as this guy’s mask.

Change your name, NFL. You’re not prioritizing football anymore.

What’s in the game now? Virtue-signaling against racism in the least racist country on earth and fining coaches for doing their jobs.

While we’re on the subject of dumb things in sports, ponder this:

The Dallas Cowboys played their high-contact and heavy-breathing game Sunday under a roof with 20,000 fans in the stadium. Cool, right? Progress toward normal.


Well, the Texas Rangers baseball team hasn’t had a fan in its stadium all season.

Their stadium is open-air…and it’s right across the street from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

And there’s not a whole lot of contact inherent to what the boys of summer do.

According to Science! this is supposed to make sense.

Google Maps satellite view of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers stadiums.

I’m gonna have to whip out my favorite emoji for all this:


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