Trump's Middle East Peace Deals Continue to Pay Dividends

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We’re all used to seeing protesters hit the bricks when war breaks out. War is bad. It’s often unwise, or the end reached after a series of unfortunate events and poor choices. War is violent and kills people and gets things broken. It’s the kind of thing people tend to protest.


But peace? Who protests peace?

After President Trump announced the first of the amazing Middle East deals — Israel and the United Arab Emirates normalizing relations — the Palestinians denounced the deal and tried to get the Arab League to condemn it.

The Arab League was unmoved.

(They were probably working on their own deals with Israel.)

Then Bahrain joined the Abraham Accords, Trump had that White House signing ceremony, he racked up a couple of Nobel nominations, it was a thing.

The Palestinians have now quit chairing the Arab League in protest. Seriously. Al Jazeera reports:

Palestine has quit its current chairmanship of Arab League meetings, the Palestinian foreign minister said on Tuesday, condemning as dishonourable any Arab agreement to establish formal ties with Israel.

Palestinians see the deals that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed with Israel in Washington a week ago as a betrayal of their cause and a blow to their quest for an independent state in Israeli-occupied territory.

Yeah, that’s a shame. Seriously, terrible. When I find a tear I’ll shed it.

Zoom up to the 50,000-foot view and the Palestinians are choosing poorly and isolating themselves. They have become used to the West coddling them despite their frequent intifadas. They’ve probably noticed the left in this country launching an intifada of its own this summer. When Democrats insist that Trump’s MidEast deals are unworthy because the Palestinians didn’t sign them, this encourages the Palestinians to continue being stubborn. It also exposes the Democrats for tilting too far in the anti-Israel direction, and of maybe, just maybe, having ulterior motives against Israel.


Leftists view the lack of a Palestinian signature on Trump’s peace deals as a bug. But it’s a strategic feature. It’s exposing some truth.

Trump has changed the Middle East equation fundamentally over the past three years. He has acted boldly when necessary, as in taking out Iran’s terrorist mastermind Suleimani. America is no longer playing around. He has played the long game well, as in building up American energy production to change the economic and security picture there and here (imagine the COVID crash if gas had been $4 a gallon when it started). His deals have now exposed the fact that Israel really does want peace (no surprise to readers here, but ask your leftist friends what Israel wants and you may be surprised by what they say) and the Palestinians really don’t — but several, probably most, Arab states actually do.

Because they fear Iran.

The Palestinians are aligning with Iran in the emerging Middle East. That’s a bad look.

Obama empowered Iran. He weakened our domestic energy production through over-regulation (and Biden threatens to just about kill our energy production if he’s elected). Trump flipped both scripts and more.

Now, for a post-script. Above, Al Jazeera is the noted news source. Did you know that the Trump administration is forcing its U.S.-base site to register as a foreign agent?


He is. Because it is. Can you imagine any Democrat doing that? Biden?

Next up: CGTN? That Beijing-connected network only published this bit of strategic agitation.

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