Did Seattle's CHOP Just Cost the City A Billion-Dollar Company?

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Well, who didn’t see this coming?

Coronavirus pandemic or not, an investment advisory company is leaving the cultural unrest in Seattle and moving its headquarters to Phoenix’s Camelback Corridor.

” … The unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle … there is really is not a downtown business community today,” Smead Capital Management, President and CEO Cole Smead told KTAR News 92.3 FM.


Mayor Jenny Durkan has allowed and encouraged an unelected mob to take over and militarize several blocks of downtown Seattle. A man has died because of this. A deaf woman was reportedly sexually assaulted because of this. About 30,000 Seattle residents are now subjected to CHOP’s mob rule and they live in fear of criticizing it. Media are controlled. It’s a segregationist enclave, albeit one that is dependent on the benevolence of the surrounding nation it despises.

CHOP cannot feed itself or power its connection to Reddit. But it can and has killed jobs.

Mayor Durkan is killing Seattle.

“We’re hearing rumors of 40-story buildings that will be only 20-percent occupied by October,” Smead said.

Some of that will be companies allowing employees to continue working at home. Some of that will be companies leaving, taking the taxes they and their employees pay wherever they go.

They will go where they deem the environment conducive to business and safe for its people. Blue cities are become less safe for people and more hostile to businesses by the day.


It’s as if leftists cannot be taught even by obvious and recent examples. Or they’re killing their cities intentionally.

UPDATE: The company now says the decision to leave Seattle was made before the pandemic.

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