Lone Star Death Star: Texas-Made Robot Kills Coronavirus with Blasts of Light

LightStrike photo from Xenex twitter feed.

With a headline like that, do I really need to give you much detail?

Do I need to delve into the Texas mystique about guns and stuff? Well, how about a Texas robot that wields a photon blaster that kills the coronavirus?


Would you be interested in that?

Engineers at Xenex Disinfection Services in San Antonio — which is where the Alamo is — have done the world a great service. They have confirmed that they have built a robot that can kill the coronavirus.

Texas-based Xenex Disinfection Services recently announced a successful test of its LightStrike robot against the virus. The robot, sold in Japan by medical equipment maker Terumo, emits light of wavelengths between 200 and 315 nanometers to decontaminate beds, doorknobs and other surfaces.

Two or three five-minute rounds of ultraviolet radiation leave pathogens too damaged to function. This technology has been proven to work against multidrug-resistant bacteria and the Ebola virus, according to Xenex.

“…leave pathogens too damaged to function.” That’s just beautiful writing.

There’s more to this technological virus terror. It performs an Order 66 on a lot of bad bugs, as UV light has been known to do for a long time, but with great and ruthless efficiency. Copper also kills virii, but it’s harder to hit the tiny little things with copper projectiles than with photons.


Although some Texan is bound to try.

The LightStrike robot was also shown to be 99.99% effective in eliminating the coronavirus from N95 masks, which would reduce the risk of reusing this vital protective equipment amid an acute global shortage.

So it can make N95 masks reusable? Might it make other PPE reusable too? It’s an interesting thought.

The very well named LightStrike pathogen killing robot isn’t cheap — they cost about $140,000. But really, what price should we put on life — and on having a robot that mercilessly kills the Wuhan virus at literally the speed of light? No price is too high.

Am I saying I want one? I’m not saying I don’t want one.

The LightStrike virus killing machine is already in use in about 500 hospitals and medical centers worldwide, and expect to start seeing them in schools, public buildings, and lots of other places. The LightStrike is going to be a very popular robot.

Because these are the droids we’ve been looking for.


Yeah. I should’ve written about this on May the Fourth (Be With You). But I didn’t know about it yesterday. So you get it today.

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