CDC Director Says Ebola Protocol Was 'Breached,' But Doesn't Know How

The Centers for Disease Control’s director, Dr. Tom Frieden, doesn’t know what happened in Dallas.

A Dallas nurse who provided care for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has contracted the virus. She reportedly followed all of the CDC’s protocols while caring for Duncan.


Dr. Frieden can’t explain that. He might as well be Insane Clown Posse postulating on how magnets work, in this clip from today’s CDC press conference.

Ok, maybe the clip below isn’t quite that bad. But it’s bad.

This is the Top. Man. who is defending us from Ebola.

Reporter Ariel Hart asks Frieden to clarify how the nurse breached protocol. Dr. Frieden doesn’t physically shrug, but he may as well have.

“We have not identified a specific problem that led to this infection,” Frieden said, but insisted that the CDC has come up with some new things that healthcare practitioners can do now the proverbial horse has fled the proverbial barn.

Which doesn’t really help that nurse in Dallas, and does mean that the CDC has not determined what happened.



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