California Democrat Wants to Penalize Drivers for Driving More Fuel-Efficient Cars

California, you vote for these tyrants.

 The California Legislature is looking at a voluntary program that would tax motorists for every mile they drive.

KCAL9’s Bobby Kaple reports that Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, introduced a bill to test out the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax because the state’s gas tax was no longer bringing in the revenue it used to due to people driving more fuel efficient vehicles.

The program is modeled after ones in Oregon and Washington.


Both blue states. What a surprise.

It’s hard to imagine a more anti-jobs tax than taxing driving by the mile. Such a tax will increase the cost of everything. But I’m sure the Democrats are already imagining yet another economy-killing tax scheme.

The fact is, drivers are already taxed for every single inch that we drive. The gas taxes raise the price of every single gallon of gas. Localities, states and the federal government all come in for their cut. The more you drive, the more gas you buy, the more taxes you pay.

Democrats have preached fuel efficiency for decades. Now that cars are more efficient, Democrats just want a new way to come after your money. Because as Jan Schakowsky and by extension her pal Wendy Davis say, you don’t deserve to keep the money that you earn.



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