Obama Admin Seeking Access to 'Full Twitter Historical Data'

The Obama/Sebelius Department of Health and Human services wants to, as Kruiser said the other day in another context, fatten up Big Brother.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seeking a “social media analytic tool” that will give the government access to “full Twitter historical data,” according to a solicitation released on Tuesday.

The agency is seeking feedback for a “possible future acquisition to provide near real time social media analysis.” HHS said it wants to use the tool for “ongoing monitoring” of public health issues.

HHS provides a long list of requirements, including “access to real-time social media posts,” and “access to full Twitter firehose.”

The agency requires an archive that goes back at least five years of “full Twitter historical data.” The government will also need “access to multiple account log-ins,” “real-time alerting,” the “ability to construct lengthy Boolean searches,” and a function that can filter search results based on the location of a Twitter user.

Under “additional attributes that we would find useful,” HHS said the “ability to export full data into excel or another spreadsheet program” would be beneficial.

HHS said it would use the social media tool for public health concerns and emergencies such as Superstorm Sandy. “In the midst of an event we want to know when hospitals and/or nursing homes are evacuating patients,” HHS said under “scenarios of how we would utilize this tool.”


If that’s the use, HHS doesn’t need all tweets for all time. They just don’t.

This government has been collecting our cell phone metadata and lied about it, under oath.

It wanted to track our license plates.

It wants our twitter data.

Big Brother’s appetite seems to know no end.



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