California Enlists Richard Simmons to Save Obamacare

Really? Is this where we are as a country now?

Facing a $78 million budget shortfall, California’s ObamaCare exchange has spent $1.37 million to fund an outreach video featuring exercise guru Richard Simmons gyrating on the floor and hugging a contortionist who is kneeling with his buttocks in the air.

The “Tell a Friend — Get Covered” campaign by Covered California features other celebrities Olivia Wilde, comic Billy Eirchner, Fran Drescher and Tatyana Ali. The centerpiece of the effort was an eight-hour live web stream that ran on Jan. 16.


Richard Simmons is a remarkable figure. He has managed to build a career as a “health guru” on having a mediocre physique and running around shouting like a maniac and hugging people at random. Nice work if you can get it, I guess. Not everyone is cut out for it.

California is a basket case verging on bankruptcy. Its answer to every single problem boils down to empowering government by spending more money. It’s also a Democrat stronghold, but that fact is never held against the national Democrats. Here in Texas, we often hear allegedly neutral media lament the failings of the Wendy Davis campaign, because “Texas deserves a real race.” Funny, we never hear that in regards to California, Maryland, New York or any other true blue state. It just never comes up. Apparently the people in those states don’t “deserve a real race.”



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