Wendy Davis Goes to New York, Calls Texas 'Toxic'

Wendy Davis might be confused. She claims that she is running as a Democrat for governor of Texas. But she keeps spending a huge amount of her time campaigning in places like New York. She fundraised there recently, and spoke to the College Democrats of New York.


Again, not Texas. New York.

On Tuesday, December 10th, Texas State Senator Wendy R. Davis was welcomed by some of New York’s finest movers and shakers at a contemporary loft gallery in SoHo.

Oh, how nice. And not stereotypical of coastal liberals at all.

At this small cocktail reception Ms. Davis spoke about her race for Governor, what she envisions for the deeply red state of Texas and how her grassroots campaign seeks to turn this key state blue in the near future.

That’s not so nice. Texas is thriving because Democrats like Davis have no power here. If it goes blue, Democrats like Davis intend to impose California-style policies here. What will all those Californians who moved here for jobs do when Davis Democrats chase those jobs away?

Davis doesn’t want to be known as “Abortion Barbie” when she happens to be in Texas. Outside Texas, she doesn’t seem to mind as much.

Linking her past to her political agenda, Ms. Davis spoke of her experience on the Senate floor for more than 11 hours as part of a filibuster to block Republicans from approving some of the toughest restrictions on abortion in the country.


Texas’ new law is no more restrictive than most other states and even France. It has majority support and was upheld in court.

She went on to say that Texas has the tendency and reputation of passing toxic policies that seem to spread across the country, as other states follow by their example.

What are those “toxic” policies? New York is trying to emulate Texas by offering tax breaks for businesses that move there. Are tax breaks “toxic” to Wendy Davis?

#AskWendy, but I’m sure she won’t answer.


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