Axelrod: Obama's Problem May Be that He Has Surrounded Himself with Yes-Men

David Axelrod, Morning Joe, telling the truth.

“I think that there is an issue with what people told the president, and I think that there is an instinct to tell the president what he wants to hear,” the president’s former senior adviser said.


One of the panel says to Axelrod, “You didn’t do that.”

“Right, and now I’m out of [Obama’s] government,” Axelrod tellingly shoots back. “No. No, I didn’t do that. But in part I didn’t do that because I have a long history with him. I started with him when he was just back from law school in 1992. So we had a long relationship there. I think that — And I’m not talking about the close-in aides, but I’m talking about the people who were entrusted with the technical aspects of this particular piece.”



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