Reporter Asks Carney: Won't Keeping Obama's Healthcare Promise Destroy Obamacare?

Obamacare rearranges winners and losers in healthcare, making more losers while so far not creating very many winners at all. But it was designed expressly and purposely to create winners and losers — sicker people would “win” by getting coverage that some had not been able to get, while healthier people would “lose” by paying more just to keep coverage comparable to what they previously had. Younger people would lose by subsidizing older people. People who work would lose by subsidizing people who don’t and depend on government.


Obama’s promise that “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” was always false. Always. He either knew that and was therefore lying the whole time, or did not know that and is an economic ignoramus unfit for his office.

Oh, and if he lied the whole time, he’s also unfit for the office.

Either way, he cannot keep the promise now that the law is in place. The law as designed cannot be fixed. It either has to be implemented as is or repealed. Thus far, its implementation is leading toward pushing the insurance industry into a death spiral.

Peter Alexander of NBC got at some of these truths in today’s press briefing. He sparred with mouthpiece Jay Carney over whether Obama’s promise can be kept without destroying the entire Obamacare structure. Carney does what he does best: Put lipstick on a pig and try to convince you that it’s really Kate Upton.



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