UPDATE: Fitzpatrick Calls on American Bridge PAC to Fire Trackers Who Infiltrated School

On Thursday, two trackers from the Democrats’ American Bridge super PAC attempted to infiltrate a public high school while students were inside. Their target was Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, who was at the school addressing its science club. School security in an age of tragic shootings and other violent incidents is taken very seriously.


The two trackers repeatedly attempted to breach security and trespass at the school, but were stopped.

In a letter to the PAC today, the Fitzpatrick campaign publishes the first photograph of one of the trackers,and calls on the PAC to fire both.

The campaign’s letter notes that the two individuals “did not request permission from school officials to enter school property, nor did they have permission to record underage minors in the building. Upon entering the school building, they refused to ‘sign in,’ as required, and made their best effort to evade school security.”

The letter includes this photo of one of the two infiltrators.



Fitzpatrick campaign chairman Michael Mabin writes that the infiltrators’ actions were “deplorable” and that they “should be terminated immediately.”

American Bridge PAC has not responded.




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