Storm of Negative Headlines Greet Obamacare's First Day

The RNC is sending around a list of headlines that must be furrowing more than a few brows in the White House, DNC and Organizing for Action press shops.

Washington Post: “Signing up for ObamaCare: ‘This Was Totally Disappointing.” (Washington Post, 10/1/13)

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Hiccup at Florida ACA Exchange Site.” (Florida Herald Tribune, 10/1/13)

Weekly Standard: “ObamaCare’s Minnesota, Connecticut, and Oregon Exchanges Filled With Glitches.” (Weekly Standard, 10/1/13)

The Hill: “Technical Problems Plague Launch of ObamaCare.” (The Hill, 10/1/13)

Washington Examiner: “The Glitchy, Error-Filled Misadventures of Creating an Account on” (Washington Examiner, 10/1/13)

Superior Telegram: “Navigators Not Ready for Health Care Rollout.” (Superior Telegram, 10/1/13)

Pennsylvania Patriot News: “ObamaCare Exchange Serving Pennsylvania Serves Up Early Glitches.” (Pennsylvania Patriot News, 10/1/13)

AP: “Glitches Hit NY’s Online Health Insurance Website.” (Associated Press, 10/1/13)

CBS Baltimore: “Maryland Health Exchange Experiences Glitch In First Hours Of Launch.” (WJZ, 10/1/13)

Lexington Herald-Leader: “Glitches Hamper Access to Kentucky’s ObamaCare Website.” (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/1/13)

New York Post: “ObamaCare Rollout Riddled with Glitches, Delays.” (New York Post, 10/1/13)


At least 34 states are reporting glitches in the new mandatory health insurance exchanges. Despite predictions that chaos and devastation would follow the government’s partial shutdown, so far chaos has only shown up in the rollout of the president’s signature law.


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