Obama to Hold Press Conference Today. Which Questions Will His Palace Guard Media Avoid?

Besides all of the questions that actually matter

President Obama announced Thursday that he will hold a news conference on Friday – his first since April.

The news conference is expected to be held Friday morning.

“Guys, I’m going to be having a press conference tomorrow, so why don’t you ask that question tomorrow,” Obama said as he was peppered with questions following a meeting in the Oval Office with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaris.


He’s heading to another swank vacay at Martha’s Vineyard after the conference, so no reporters wants to be that guy or woman — the one who asked him a hard question and makes him look bad before he jets out of town.

So they won’t ask him about the allegation that the IRS is still repressing the Tea Party.

They won’t ask him about the culture within the Democrat Party that kept Bob Filner around.

They won’t ask him if any of the boys on that Florida bus could’ve been the son he never had…

They’ll be like Leno.

They’ll ask a fake tough question or two, but for the most part they’ll set him up to pound Republicans and make himself look good.



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