Democrats' Filner Cover-Up Goes National

Former California Assemblywoman Lori Saldana says that she told the California Democratic Party about former Rep. and current San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s sexually predatory behavior in 2011. The party took no action against him, she says, but did threaten others that if they didn’t support him, the party would come against them.


That’s a cover-up at the state party level, alleged by one of its own — a Democrat.

Next, we learned that many reporters who dealt with Filner were onto him. They would talk about it among themselves, but never reported on it. Not. One. Time.

The fun doesn’t stop there. It turns out that Democrats at the national level knew about Filner too.

Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen gleefully joined in on the Democrats’ phony “war on women” crap in 2012. She’s the Democrat who accused Ann Romney, who raised five sons, of “never working a day in her life.”

Now, she says that everyone around Washington who dealt with Bob Filner when he was in Congress knew that he was a creepy dirtbag.

An essential follow-up to Monday’s post wondering how many Democrats in Congress knew, or at least suspected, that something was amiss with Mayor Grabass when he was a member of the caucus on the Hill. Answer: More than one. Skip to 5:55 below and listen to Hilary Rosen describe her dinner with unnamed congressional alumni who told her “this guy has kind of been this way all along. That everybody thought that he was a little creepy.” She backpedals to say that no one heard anything about “official sexual harassment,” whatever that means, but people’s antennas were up. Why? It can’t be just because Filner looks like the Joker without make-up. People were hearing things; what were they hearing? When did they first start hearing it? And why didn’t they inquire about it?


More importantly, why didn’t they do anything about it? Why didn’t General Hilary Rosen, Commander of the First Platoon in the Great Defense of Womanhood, do anything about Filner?

Because he was on the team. Emily’s List let that cat out of the bag last week. Stay on the liberal Democrat team and men can do whatever they want to the women around them. Anything goes. It’s open season.

If you’re on the wrong team, watch out, because anything you say or do can be used as evidence that your entire team is nothing but a He-Man Woman Haters club. Even if you’re a woman, oddly enough.

But if you’re on the right team, you can traipse through life assaulting women, using them for your own sport and amusement, telling them to show up for work without underwear, planting unwanted slobbery kisses on them, pestering them for dates even if they’re married, and your team will cover it up, for years, with an assist from the press.



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