SEIU Man: If McDonald's Strikers Don't Get What They Want, They May Contaminate the Food

So I guess going to a New York McDonald’s isn’t a good idea right now.

Videographer and conservative blogger Adam Sharp of attended one such demonstration and interviewed an SEIU member, easily identifiable as such by his purple shirt.

When asked whether the union member supported the $15 per hour wage increase the McDonald’s workers were demanding, he admitted, “I’m not sure.”

He also said he was there to show his support for the workers rather than the company and expressed a fear that, “if they’re [the McDonald’s employees] pissed off, they could be doing something to that food.”

“So that’s your main concern, is that if they don’t get what they want, they might contaminate the food?”

The SEIU member shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”


Video at the link.

I’m not one who hates on McDonald’s. You go there, you get what you want at a reasonable price and the product is consistent from coast to coast. Overseas, McDonald’s adjusts to its environment, so in Tokyo you can get a teriyaki burger (and they’re awesome). You can’t beat their price for ice cream sundaes.

The strike for $15/hour to flip burgers is stupid. Working the line at McDonald’s was never intended to be a full-time career. It’s an entry-level job at low wages to gain experience to help advance to the next, better, job. Obama’s wretched economy is forcing many Americans into underemployment, though, where benefits are scarce and wages are low. Obamacare, which the SEIU and other unions happily supported, is wrecking the 40-hour work week and causing many employers to reconsider offering benefits to their employees at all. So unions are trying to get out of the law that they supported.

The strike is really about, on the one hand, attacking an American corporation that the left loves to hate on, and on the other hand, unionizing part-time workers at said corporation by whatever means become necessary. While it’s a dumb strike, it has exposed the total gullibility and even tendency to aid fraud on the left from the Huffington Post to “Think” Progress.


If the fraud and strike succeed, you’ll end up paying more for your burger and fries, so you’ll buy less of them, and some McDonald’s workers will lose their jobs. If it doesn’t, well, let’s hope the SEIU man’s fears aren’t realized, or the little strike may end up destroying a massively successful American company and thousands of people’s livelihood along with it.



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