DOJ Hits Gallup with $10.5 Million Fine for Doing what DOJ, Obama Government Does

Gallup paid the fine without acknowledging any wrongdoing.

According to the original complaint filed in 2009, Gallup allegedly inflated estimates of labor hours required for market research contracts with the U.S. Mint and U.S. Passport Agency to drive up costs.

Additionally, Monday’s settlement resolves allegations that Gallup improperly negotiated to hire a FEMA official while trying to secure a contract with the agency, which the official was involved in awarding.


False information and political hiring — isn’t that what Obama’s regime does every single day? Obama’s government has been a revolving door between lobbyists, media and his own staff. Obama’s administration lied about the magical benefits of ObamaCare and the stimulus and has put its political operatives like Ben Rhodes in charge of national security. Who is the new spokesperson at the State Department? Right, loyal political operative (with no foreign policy experience at all) Jen Psaki. Having established a pay-for-play ethos via its “greendoggles” like Solyndra, the Obama government is hardly in a moral position to impose “justice.”



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