The Spectacle of Al Sharpton

MSNBC’s reaction to the Zimmerman verdict was an editorial vomit. The network chose Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry to be among its commentators. Both predictably injected race into the discussion. It’s the only card in either one’s deck.


Al Sharpton’s presence as a commentator is particularly galling. Sharpton operates as part shakedown artist, part con man, and part Hizballah-lite through his National Action Network. He was no bystander in the Martin case. He was among the first to turn the tragedy into a phony referendum on race relations. He is regularly among the first to deploy the terroristic slogan “No Justice, No Peace” when things aren’t going his way. Or when he believes a credible threat of violence is useful to him.

Al Sharpton regularly denounces America as a racist country. But only in “racist” America could Sharpton build a lucrative and influential career in national media on anti-Semitism, a horrendous hoax, lies, smears and a riot that resulted in the deaths of innocent people.


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