Obama Used Moonshot Astronaut as Photo-Op Prop

Christian Adams has a story that’s so outrageous it makes my teeth hurt. For the low-information liberals who may be reading this, the moon is that large gray orb that dominates our night sky most nights. Buzz Aldrin was the second human to walk on the moon. Yes, humans going to the moon and walking around on it actually happened. America used to do big things like putting humans in space and achieving things that appeared to be impossible. Now we have a celebrity president who kills human space flight, when he isn’t leaving Americans to die in the hellholes he assigns them to work in.


Barack Obama is not a low-information liberal. He’s just a nasty piece of work who intentionally mistreated an American icon.

On April 15, 2010, President Obama delivered his central speech on space policy at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Aldrin was given a ride on Air Force One to the speech.  Aldrin said tonight in front of a packed house in a National Geographic auditorium in Washington D.C. that he presumed he might have a chance to speak with the President about options for space during the flight to Kennedy.

But it didn’t happen. President Obama had nothing to say to the moonwalker and didn’t seem to want to hear anything from Aldrin on the long flight to Florida.  So Aldrin sat in the back of Air Force One and never saw Obama – until it landed.

When it landed, Aldrin said he was summoned to the front of the plane. But he found out it was not to talk about space policy.  Instead, President Obama wanted Aldrin to emerge from Air Force One next to Obama for a photo op.  The moonwalker was to be a mere prop.


Here’s the photo that Obama got for kicking moon man Buzz Aldrin to the back of the plane.

And here’s another.

The look on Aldrin’s face speaks for itself. Aldrin believes that Obama’s current space priorities are a waste of the nation’s time, and after that flight, he knew that his own personal time had been wasted, too.



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