Eight Cops Injured in Mostly Peaceful Leftist May Day March/Riot

Over at the Fool Who Wears Jammies.

Seattle police were determined during the day to let protesters peacefully move about the city while not tolerating lawbreaking affecting property and peoples’ safety. By nightfall, police were using pepper spray and pushing protesters back. The night ended with 18 arrests and eight officers.

Hundreds of sign-carrying, flag-waving demonstrators jammed downtown streets Wednesday in a series of May Day marches and rallies — some at the peak of afternoon rush hour — protesting capitalism, promoting worker rights and pushing for changes in federal immigration laws.


How peaceful! The injured police may as well have been sipping mint juleps as the peaceful commies peacefully rioted and threw rocks at them.

Peace and communists do not go together. Never have. Never will. Or, other than the killing fields, the Ukraine famine, the invasions, the gulags, the Iron Curtain, the whackadoos who run North Korea, sure, communism and communists are “mostly peaceful.”



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