Alabama School Executes the Easter Bunny

In the guise of not offending anyone, an Alabama school has singled out Christians for offending during the week leading up to Christianity’s most important day.


There’s nothing religious about big bunnies toting colorful plastic eggs, but an Alabama elementary school is doing what they can to make sure they don’t offend anyone with an upcoming “academic egg hunt.”

Teachers at Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Ala., were informed Monday (March 25) their plans to have an “academic egg hunt” with their kindergarten and second grade students would need to be scrapped, according to a report from

School Principal Lydia Davenport informed staff no activities related to or centered around any religious holiday would be allowed in the interest of religious diversity among students.

Parents are upset of course.

We should all grow up and be clear about something. There is no way that you can live in a community of any size and never ever offend anyone. It’s even more impossible, if such a concept exists, to not offend anyone when some people go around constantly looking for ways to be offended.

Being offended is a path to gaining power in our screwed up society. So some people will pursue offense, because it gives them power. It’s quicker and easier than actually achieving anything.

In this case, the school sought to cater to people who are professionally and perpetually offended. In seeking to avoid offending them, it has offended parents and kids who were just minding their own business. We have competing groups here, people who get strategically offended, and people who just want to be left alone. The latter never win.


Of course, the bunny and eggs aren’t the real issue. Most Christians don’t even care much about the bunny or the eggs. They’re distractions from what Easter is really about. The real issue is that the E-word is being made taboo.

The activity will go on, but with some changes. Teachers are being asked to use other different kinds of shapes besides eggs and to not mention the word “Easter.”

“Kids love the bunny and we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter bunny to religion; a bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit,” Davenport said.

How does saying the word “Easter” infringe on anyone’s rights? How?

It only offends those looking to be offended. Placating them is conditioning people to turn their backs on traditions and faith.


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