ABC, CBS Behave as State-Run Media

Did you see the ABC News interview with Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez? ABC News recently promoted Martha Raddatz to become its chief global affairs correspondent. On Sunday she interviewed Menendez, who is embroiled in a global affairs story of his own. Specifically, he is accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. That story isn’t a mere accusation. It is supported with email trail evidence, among other things.


During the entire six-minute interview, Raddatz never once asked Menendez about his global affair. Not one time.

The obvious inference is, because Menendez is a Democrat, and as a Latino he is doubly useful.

But on this past weekend, ABC could not even keep up with CBS for the title of most cravenly servile wing of the state-run media. It wasn’t even a close contest.

CBS’ 60 Minutes interviewed President Barack Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, together. Steve Kroft was handed the interview. He seems to be Obama’s preferred stenographer.

The Obama campaign/administration spent most of 2012 arguing that al Qaeda is defeated. The 9-11 terrorist attack in Benghazi punctured that narrative. The ongoing war in Mali and Algeria should have destroyed it. Libya is playing a key role in that war, serving as a base of operations for the Islamist forces in the region and providing them with arms. Clinton was one of the driving forces behind the Obama administration’s decision to oust the late Muammar Ghaddafi from Libya. Ghaddafi was eventually killed, but he has been replaced by a weak government that is so far incapable of keeping a lid on terrorists within its borders.

Steve Kroft had the chance to ask about all this, of the two most senior foreign policy officers in the American government.

But he didn’t. Instead he asked them old questions about old news, and set Clinton up for a presidential run in 2016. When Kroft got around to asking about Benghazi, it was at the end of the interview, and he asked first about her health, not her failures and lies. He asked in the context of her legacy. He asked her if she felt guilty, not if she made awful decisions that have helped al Qaeda go back onto the offensive. Kroft never once asked about the filmmaker who remains in jail, who is the only person to remain in jail in connection with Benghazi, despite the fact that he had no connection to Benghazi. Kroft never asked about the movie, or the decision to blame it for two weeks. He allowed Obama and Clinton to filibuster at the end of the interview, without any challenge at all to any of the things they said.


Kroft played softball with two of the most powerful people in the world, people whose decisions have helped set off a war in northern Africa in which people are being killed, and in which our enemies may be gaining strength. It was an interview so uninformative and unchallenging that it would have embarrassed People magazine.

Both ABC and CBS are furthering government scandal and cover-ups. This is a very dangerous development.



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