If You Own a Gun, CBS' Bob Schieffer Thinks You Just Might Be a Segregationist Nazi

Which would be news to Sir Mix-A-Lot, I guess.

“Let’s remember, there was considerable opposition when Lyndon Johnson went to Congress and passed – presented – some of the most comprehensive civil rights legislation in the history of this country,” noted Schieffer. “Most people told him he couldn’t get it done, but he figured out a way to do it. And that’s what Barack Obama is gonna have to do.”

“What happened in Newtown was probably the worst day in this country’s history since 9/11,” Schieffer added. “Surely, finding Osama bin Laden, surely passing civil rights legislation – as Lyndon Johnson was able to do – and, before that, surely defeating the Nazis was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby.”

“This is a turning point in this country,” Schieffer continued. “The president is going to have to do more than just make a speech about it.”


He’s already done more. He wrote himself a to-do list of things he mostly should have done anyway, and none of which would have stopped the Newtown killer.

Mark Levin ripped Schieffer as a “Potemkin journalist” and “dinosaur” on his show last night. I just wonder, how does CBS justify keeping Schieffer around? Obama’s tone yesterday was far from laudable, it was transparent and phony. Using those kids to make the most pro-abortion president in American history appear to be pro-life was ridiculous. The president whose administration ran Fast and Furious now cares about controlling guns? Really? None of these juxtapositions occurred to the ancient newsman?

Besides all that, Schieffer by implication slandered millions of Americans who haven’t done anything wrong. That’s bad for business, CBS.



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