Is Lincoln, NE's Mayor Considering Gun Control Laws?

I don’t know. There hasn’t been anything said publicly or posted directly indicating that Lincoln, NE’s Mayor Chris Beutler is looking at restricting Second Amendment rights in the city.


On the other hand, there’s this. The city’s public safety director writes that Mayor Buetler asked him to conduct some research on school shootings.

Yesterday, the Mayor asked me to do a little research for him.  We have been talking about school safety lately, and he was interested in the relative frequency of school shootings at high schools compared to middle schools and elementary schools. I thought that would be a 10 minute job, but it proved to be a little more complicated than I imagined.

So Lincoln, NE Public Safety Director Tom Casady conducted the research, and posted a graphic representing his results in that post. It turns out that shootings occur predominantly at high schools.

But why did Mayor Beutler request the research in the first place? There have been no school shootings in Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln’s city council elections are officially non-partisan, but Beutler and a majority of the council are Democrats.


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