If It Wasn't For Our 'Gun Culture,' a Wyoming Professor, His Son and His Girlfriend Would Be Alive Today! Actually, No, That's Not Right.

Should we let a tragedy in Wyoming go to waste? Isn’t it time we enact federal knife and bow control, for the sake of the children?

The son of a Casper College professor killed his father inside a classroom on the campus after stabbing the teacher’s girlfriend to death at the couple’s nearby home, police said today.

Chris Krumm, 25, shot his father, Jim, in the head with a bow and arrow shortly after 9 a.m. Friday, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said. Despite being shot through the head, the elder Krumm fought back, giving the four to six students inside the class time to escape.

“The courage demonstrated by Professor Krumm is absolutely without equal,” Walsh told reporters at a press conference. “Maybe that will bring some comfort to people.”

Police don’t know exactly what followed, but said at some point, the 25-year-old suspect stabbed himself multiple times. Then he drove a large knife into the 56-year-old professor’s chest, Walsh said.

Before the attack at the college, Chris Krumm killed his father’s girlfriend, Heidi Arnold, outside her home. The 42-year-old was stabbed multiple times, and had defensive wounds, Walsh said.


This tragedy occurred on the very same day that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher committed murder-suicide. Where are NBC, Bob Costas, Jason Whitlock and now Jim Gray, who agreed with Costas on Fox this morning, to call people who disagree with them “nuts” and call for more government intervention and less liberty? Bow hunting is a sport, after all, as is archery.

Well, the killer is not famous. Jason Whitlock has not written an idiotic column about it. Bow and arrow control is not on the left’s agenda, at least not yet. Exploiting this tragedy would take a little more work on the part of a teleprompter reader like Costas.



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